Monday, 11 January 2016

80年代風に Polka Dots, A Big Bow and 80s Style

I bought polka dots cotton remnants recently and it reminded me of 80s fashion. So I made two  
'polka dots and a big bow' 80s style outfits.

80s fashion was not my type of thing because my idea of it was too much colors and patterns, baggy, aggressive, chaotic and 'big shoulder pads'. But looking it up online I changed my mind. In fact, I found them curious and unique. (I think I become more generous as I get older. Still can't bring myself to accept huge shoulder pads.)
Besides, I have received made-to-order Jenny doll from Licca Castle lately and her hairstyle always brings to mind a woman of the 80s such as Kelly MacGillis in Top Gun. So I wanted to make some 80s style outfits for her.

Here is the first one. If I could dress whoever of 1980s up in this outfits I would choose...Whitney Houston?

The second one. A white frilly dress designed in the image of 80s Japanese Idols. Personally, I don't like dresses with lots of frills and ribbons and this is my first hand made tiered skirt. I don't own a sewing machine it was tiring to sew it by hand. I guessed more frills made it look more like 80s idol but felt that would be too much and just attached a gold butterfly. 

These big heart earrings are of 1980s when Jenny was first released as Barbie. Its 80s style is so adorable.

I hope you like it.
Thank you!

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