Sunday, 18 October 2015

ショーガール Showgirl

When it comes to a showgirl, The Showgirl Barbie is a well known masterpiece. My version of it was inspired by the 50s-60s American musical films which were set in Paris ('Les girls(1957)' 'Can-Can(1960)' etc..). 

Jenny seems a good dancer. Come to think of it she was(is?) a musical actress.*

*Jenny doll was released in 1982 as Takara Barbie by Takara under the license from Mattel. When the license expired in 1986 Takara changed her name Barbie into Jenny. They explained the renaming to children as follows: One day Barbie was discovered by a musical producer and she debuted playing the title role in the musical 'Jenny', which succeeded. After the success Barbie decided to remain Jenny and renamed herself Jenny. (It was an embarrassing explanation for most little Barbie fans at that time.)

I hope you like it.
Thank you!

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